This is Weird

So, this is my first blog post.

I guess this is kind of a personal outlet for me. I’m too unorganised for an actual diary (trust me, I’ve tried) so I figured I’d try this in the hopes that I can spill out whatever is going on in my brain and try to make some sense out of it.

About me:
23, single white female.
over thinker
self sabotager
swears too much
bad grammar
highly emotional
extremely pragmatic…at times
loves her friends and family a lot, like really a lot
loves her dog Rosie and basically all animals
loves food
loves training
occasionally loves herself…learning to do it more often

Anyway my first post is about something that’s been on my mind a lot.

A couple of months ago someone told me that I need to ‘calm down’ if I want to find a boyfriend. As I was sitting in that gutter, drunk and confused I didn’t think too much about it until the next day.

1.) Who said I was looking for a boy friend?
2.) What makes you think I need your input on how to find one?
3.) Fuck you, I will not ‘calm down’ to find a boyfriend. If I’m too loud, too much or too fun then he wouldn’t be¬†enough of a decent human being to warrant a place in my life.

The though has been crossing my mind every so often since then and it pisses me off every time. Yes it would be nice to have someone in my life I am by no means going to alter my personality to find someone, that’s actually a fucking joke.

I am working so hard to be happy on my own and to get my own life together, I don’t need someone else telling me I am too loud for a boyfriend…this pisses me off so much.

I’ve been encouraged to be myself, be loud, be funny, be kind, dance, laugh, sing badly and be a good person. I absolutely hate when a person tries to lessen anybody. Everyone is fighting so hard to find their place in this big ol’ world and what gives you the right to teach me about myself? try again mate.

I’m a big believer in The Universe and what is meant for me is always going to be for me.